Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Great Office Clean Up

Most of the house was clean (enough).  But the back two rooms were behind closed doors, for good reason.  The guest room had become Santa’s Workshop.  But the office is a place I deliberately designed exactly as I wanted it, and I basically only go in it to drop off another handful of paper or other “to deal with later” crap before moving on to another chore.  Dwayne uses it almost every evening, but neither makes nor organizes any mess. 

I began by realizing that if I cleaned the office, the rest of the house was going to be torn apart by Children on Winter Break, and made my peace with it.  Then I made goals, texted pics and goals to a friend also struggling with a messy room. 



By the time I was done, I had one full bag of landfill garbage, an almost full recycling bin that had been empty earlier that morning, 3 boxes of books set aside for resale, and years of my life put in one of those 3 categories.  (I decided that I didn’t really need all my grade school report cards or postcards I got as a child or my entire collection of books of quotations that I love but don’t use since the advent of the internet.)




Of course, this what the hallway looked like after all that cleaning.  But that’s another day.  Christmas is almost here!



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