Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Eve

In all my memories, I’ve never not had plans on Christmas Eve with family and friends.  But this year, we had an early family Christmas and Dwayne and I were hosting Christmas at our house.  So the Eve was unaccounted for.

IMG_3613We first when to our small church’s Candlelight Service and then headed to Bellevue Square to celebrate with approximately half of the 425 area code residents Snowflake Lane (note: we will probably take the next several years off from Snowflake Lane after this year). 

The lights are spectacular.


The costumes, characters, and bubbles, eye-popping.



The crowds, overwhelming.  And the (male and female) drummers that started this entire celebration were completely overshadowed by pretty girls in matching wigs and skimpy (Denise’s POV), fully-covered (Dwayne’s POV) snowflake costumes.  Fun, but, um, we could hear the drummers, but we couldn’t see them.

The crowds may have had something to do with it.  Let’s just say it took us an hour to get out of the parking lot.  And if anyone in the family wasn’t cranky before, we were then.  Sigh. I need some practice getting Chrismas Eve right. 


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