Monday, December 14, 2015

Busy Weekend, Sunday

Since Brian and Sandi—and Amber—were going to be up for this weekend, but not for Christmas, so we had an early family celebration.  It was so fun!

This kind of sums up the day—babies and presents! Throw in food and wine, and that would have been our day.


I’m not going to currate this very much, as I may have overused my father’s camera, which hardly ever takes a blurry picture…a concept my camera doesn’t understand, so I had less pictures to delete.

But I have to share why I love this picture.

P1040521 1

We all had a gift to open, and the kids had two, and we went alphabetically.  Poor Wesley really had to practice patience, hugging his gifts until it was finally his turn.

P1040487 1

P1040492 1P1040493 1P1040494 1P1040495 1

P1040496P1040498 1

P1040499 1P1040503 1

P1040505 1

P1040514 1P1040525


Any chance Julie is tired of cranky C?P1040529




Cecily crashed on Unicorn.




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