Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Last Big Birthday Party

IMG_4284My kids always get to invite their class over for cake and play after school close to their birthday—for the first year or two. After that, the girls and boys separate too much to make a cohesive party--besides having up to 24 kids and their siblings, which is a lot even when they are small.  Wesley had over 20 kids running around Friday for 90 minutes, and I’ve graduated from needing to include everyone so that I can get to know as many peers and parents as possible…at least in winter, when I can’t keep them outside the entire afternoon. 



I always state “no gifts, please, but if your child would like to do something, a homemade card and $1 would be perfect”.  That way, Wesley doesn’t get 20 toys, I don’t need to put together party favors, and once I get a Costco cake, the party is ready.  


Happy almost-Birthday, Wesley!  I loved you being 5!

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