Friday, January 29, 2016

Married Texts from 5-7pm on a Friday Night

Dwayne: Hard part done…Going out for a beer evidently. clip_image002

Me: Good!  I was just getting ready to check on you.  Call before driving home!  I may have groceries for you to get.

Me:  Bring home compressed air.  Piper spilled sugar all over my laptop keyboard.

Me: And vacuum just committed suicide. Can you bring home a plug?

Dwayne: A plug?

Me: Male, replacement for the vacuum plug that just caught on fire.

Me: Just discovered that to clean up after making no bakes, Piper put dirty measuring cups back in the drawer.

Me: Never mind about last two items.  I’m going to run to McLendons. Not vacuuming a 3000 SF house is a real time saver!

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