Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Another Wesley Story

To quote my own Christmas letter:

[Wesley] has lost two teeth from unnatural causes.

Update.  Make that three teeth from unnatural causes. Before Christmas, the kids were playing, and, as I understand it, Wesley had a blanket in his teeth and Kyla yanked it from him.

His tooth didn’t come out immediately, but it went from solid to snaggle-tooth loose.  Teeth are about the only thing that makes Dwayne squeamish, both teeth barely hanging in there and the idea of pulling it out.  So he sends the nearly-toothless kid to me and, ears closed to anguished whines, I yank it out myself. Piper is fully my child in this.  She tried to pull it out first, and then I stepped in and brought it home.  Wesley is actually a pretty brave kid, and he had the foresight to bring his tooth fairy pillow to the cabin with him.  So he got a dollar, I got a to pull out another tooth, and Dwayne got to banish his heebie-jeebies. 

* * * * * * *

This fell out when we all got our flu shots this year.  Kyla wanted a shot instead the mist, which we all regretted after a failed attempt to stab her and a very upset Kyla (who jumped out of the way on the first attempt necessitating me holding her down for the second) made this into quite the drama.  A month later was Piper’s turn, and she didn’t like, but she got it without any fuss.  Wesley had to wait a week, but was worried about his shot.  Instead, he sat still and calm and was surprised when it was over.  Kyla, on the other hand, squealed, jumped, and startled everyone else in the room when Welsey got his shot.  I’m making her stay at home next year!

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