Sunday, January 3, 2016

One More Itsy-Bitsy Cabin Project

Before:                                    Almost After:
IMG_4189  IMG_4235

We can’t help ourselves.  Back at home on Wednesday evening, after two nights in Leavenworth, I mentioned to Dwayne that since we were heading to Whidbey to do the Polar Bear, we should retile the master bathroom floor.  And if we had the floor up, we might as well think about getting a new vanity.  Dwayne, kindly, madly, or thoughtlessly, agreed.

Thursday morning:  Spend money at Home Depot.  Pack car(s).

Thursdsay afternoon: Travel to cabin. Bathroom looks like this.

Thursday at 4pm:  Start demo. IMG_4190

Attach HardieBacker board to subfloor.IMG_4221

Thursday Midnight: finish demo and prep.  Clean thinset buckets, etc, outside in 28 degree weather.  Sleep until 10 the next morning. Talk myself out of Polar Bearing.

Friday: Tile. 

Praise Piper for making us snacks to get us through the day.

Friday evening:  Dwayne and Jen drive an hour to nearest
Home Depot to return previously purchased vanity and buy a new one. And since we’re replacing the vanity, we decide to replace the medicine cabinet.

Saturday: Grout. Put toilet and new vanity in.  Go to store several times for various plumbing needs.  Look at vanity lighting and decide it needs to be updated, too.  Discover no South Whidbey stores carry a selection of lighting options.  Realize that we won’t finish early enough to go home that night.  Feed kids. More clean up. 
Post “Almost After” Picture:IMG_4233
Collapse on couch while composing a list of what to get on the mainland before we come back to finish up.

Saturday Midnight: Realize toilet  shut-off valve is leaking.

Sunday morning: Denise takes kids home.  Dwayne stays behind to work on leak, hoping to save us the time and money of not contracting a plumber.  Add this to my list of 1000 reasons I love that man.

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