Monday, January 18, 2016

Going Awry

Last weekend was supposed to be the fun part.  We returned to the cabin to do the final touches on the bathroom.  I had gotten a shower curtain I love, and all the “right touch” accessories.  We took a few minutes to put a tile splashguard around the sink, needing only to grout it on Sunday, and maybe re-caulk the dingy shower. 


I thought it was gorgeous.  And if we keep the shower curtain shut, it is still this beautiful. 

Alas, it is not working out that well.


We began removing the old caulk and all the signs we have been ignoring since we resealed it 3.5 years ago—when we first bought the cabin—came back to haunt us.  The shower liner was originally put over plywood, and the bottom inch of two sides was soaked and rotten. 

Hence, our quick Sunday project became a very long, dirty, costly, and unfinished project. 

Here’s the charm of log cabins.  Almost nothing off-the-shelf will fit.  Most work has to be customized or have serious work-arounds.  And the issue with Langley, particularly, is that the nearest home box store is a full hour drive away. 

The good news, after lots of failures, is we realized that we could do a custom tile shower probably more easily and no more expensively than a boring plastic shower liner.  And then it was Sunday night, with a mess and hungry chidren and Wesley’s birthday on the horizon.  So we have left it, leaving all our tile tools there, ready to be put to use the next weekend we can get there.

To be continued….

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