Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Why I Like Coupeville

What to do at the cabin with four kids and a really rainy February day?  We drove up to Coupeville!

It’s small, but the museum has wooly mammoth bones, arrowheads, the first car ever on the island, a history of telephones, and old toys and clothes.  We’ve been there once before, but it’s a great place to wander as it rains outside.



A short walk from there is the wharf.  We go there because I like the three skeletons of sea mammals hanging from the ceiling.



Cool, huh?



There’s more to do in Coupeville (I could wander the Victorian-style homes around town for hours).  But taking four kids to a shop and finding food that fits Kyla’s diet?  We drove back to the cabin and invited cabin friends over for a tea party instead!

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