Saturday, February 1, 2014

Groundfrog Day!

Super Bowl inconveniently interrupted Groundhog day this year, but Seattle persevered, first by exchanging the hog with a more local frog, and celebrating on Saturday. 

Brian and Sandi were in town for a wedding, so the kids got to some “uncle-ing” in while Sandi was doing bridesmaid duties.


You can tell by the Victorian house in the background that downtown Snohomish was our Groundfrog Destination.


I’m having a little fun with the settings on my new camera.  Mostly, I’m just ecstatic to have one again!



We’ll have to meet you in Snohomish in exactly a year.  It was just a tiny street fair with the “Macarena” playing on the loud speakers near the gazebo, but loads of energy, smiles, and green.  It may have been the happiest place on earth at the moment. (Though not for Wes.)  The local booster club had hula hoops out and were offering free frog face painting.  Buckets of sidewalk chalk were being used by kids of all ages (yes, even age 39!)




The Frog Princess (also the name of one of Kyla’s favorite books) wandered around meeting all her subjects.



Giant Frog probably has a name, but I never learned it.065


Putting the princess and the frog together.  I believe the frog is quite bejeweled for the occasion!



Wesley was a stick-in-the-mud about a frogs.  And fun.  But at least he got a balloon.



He warmed up a little towards the end.



Bubbles helped.




Brian tried to get a few family shots for us. I figure if we start in February, we might have a good photo by next Christmas.  Sigh.



And I think that winter is going to last 6 more weeks, followed by a spring that often looks suspiciously like winter.

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