Wednesday, February 12, 2014

True Love

Mama: Love the Superman valentines, Wes.

Wesley: Yeah.  Is this Wonder Women?

Mama: No, but that might be Lois Lane. Do you think she is Superman’s true love?

Wesley: No.  Superman flies.

Mama:  Can people who fly have a true love?

Wesley: No, they don’t need one. They can fly.

Mama:  Good point.   Can I have a true love?

Wesley: You can’t fly.

Mama: So true.  Why do people who fly not need true loves?

Wesley:  Because they can fly.

Mama: Are you my true love? 

Wesley:  No.  You have Daddy. And Nathan.  [Nathan?! Really—the one kid who doesn’t like me?]

Mama: What is a true love? 

Wesley:  A good friend.  Like Alexis, Xander, and Corban are my true loves. 

Mama:  Yeah, well, you might actually be my true love, too.  Because I can’t fly.

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