Friday, February 14, 2014

Trying to Love Valentine’s Day


I think I was more of the “every cloud has a silver lining” type until motherhood drained me out of that optimism.  Now, I’m more of “every rainbow has black clouds above it” pessimist, which is why I’ve found the downside of having my kids in so much school—Valentine’s Day.  Wes and Piper are both in two classes (morning and afternoon), so that meant 5 sets of Valentines to wrangle out of my children.  Getting Wesley to write a “W” on 24 + 19 store-bought cards just about did us both in.  And with Piper’s birthday thrown in, there were 7 parties in 3 days between the kids.  I only hosted 2.5 of them, but I was mostly done by Friday night.


Dwayne has a sweet tradition of bringing home balloons and flowers for everyone on Valentine’s.  This year, Wesley was standing on a kitchen chair trying to reach the ribbon to his heart balloon.  It was just out of his grasp, so he jumped, clearly oblivious to the fact he was on a chair, that the table’s edge was next to him, another chair’s back in his way, and the hard floor below him.  Sheer luck made him hit only two of those three in his attempt to get his balloon.  As I commented to Dwayne later after hours of cleaning up blood and reducing the swelling on his face, Wesley may not be our brightest child. 

DSCN0651Having an inconsolable, injured child  (with a temporarily deformed face) put a bit of damper on Valentine’s dinner, Valentine’s treats, and Piper’s birthday gifts.  I had completely forgotten about the bouquet Dwayne had brought me until I found him putting the flowers in a vase much later that evening.

But my beautiful six-year daughter loved her horse stable and her special day.  But that paled to how much we love her.DSCN0655

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