Friday, February 14, 2014

Our Lil’ Valentine is Six Today


My kids really want Valentine’s to be a special day (I give credit--blame?-- to Dwayne for always making this a great day for the kids).   We start off the day with pink heart pancakes with sprinkles. 

We all left for our regular days—party in Wesley’s preschool class, volunteering for me in Kyla’s class before going next door for the Kindergarten party, to celebrate with Piper. 

After that party, we invited the entire Kindergarten class over for pizza and cake to celebrate Piper’s 6th birthday.  Fifteen kindergartners came, along with a a few siblings and some preschool friends, making 22 guests plus some moms.  Crazy, but my goal was to not drag Piper’s birthday out too long.



Because Kyla was still in school, I didn’t to worry about serving all this wheat.



Yep, give me a knife and take a picture.  This is safe, I promise.


The weather was dry enough that we gave each kid a large slice of cake and sent them outside.  They didn’t come back until moms came to pick up their kids.  That’s when the party got fun—ignoring 22 kids outside while my friends hung around the table and gabbed, while eating our kids leftover food.  

Those kids ran around like street gangs.  It was fun seeing the kindergartners just being kids together.

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