Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Mixing Errands and Good Deeds

Piper wants a stable for her toy horses and we found one in the store at the Children’s Museum.  I wanted a chance to find a cheaper one on craigslist and buy one when she wasn’t with me—trying to keep some element of surprise for her birthday.  Craigslist seemed to fail me, so off we went one morning when the girls were at school, grabbing our neighbors kids to give their very pregnant mom a break.  The three kids got good play time while I read some homework.  As we left and I went to buy the expensive toy…they were out.  Doh!  Good thing the few hours were not totally wasted as the kids had a fantastic time. 





PS  Craiglist came through for me—I found a better, used stable for just $20, here in my own town, later that day!

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