Saturday, December 28, 2013

Winter Gardens

We went to the cabin today between the holidays, supposedly for some unplugged relaxation.  HA!  Remember the weekend I went to the cabin by myself for 48 hours for my birthday?  Yeah, that spoiled me and it has never been as good since.  I keep thinking…remember the weekend when pillows/blankets/half-eaten apples/Duplo's/ crayons/children weren’t scattered all over the floor…all the time?  But I digress.

We got to Langley in the afternoon, dropped off Dwayne, the kittens, and the cooler and went up to the Meerkerk Gardens of fairy fame.  Not surprisingly, we had all those acres to ourselves.  Right away, Piper spotted a rhody that was actually blooming. I have one in my own yard that blooms early February, but I don’t have anything flowering in December.



I take lots of pictures of Wesley whenever he isn’t cranky, and I’m afraid I may have given the impression he is always the cheerfully adorable chap you see here.  He isn’t.


We found one more rhododendron covered in blooms.  Christmassy, isn’t it?


A monkey tree is the perfect backdrop for a picture of my three.



On our explorations, we found fairy houses partially intact from last summer, and a few with their original denizens!





We found a little Dopey Dwarf snuggled in a hiding spot in the Secret Garden.




And when we got back, Daddy took over for a few minutes before making dinner. Phew!


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