Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Nutcracker

Christmas early 075

It was Wesley’s first ballet, so he put on a pink tutu over his button down and vest (with snow boots, of course!).  He really enjoyed 90% of the show, and then he fell asleep in my arms for the last few numbers. 

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If you are going to see a community (not Pacific NW Ballet Co.) Nutcracker production, I have to recommend the Cornerstone Studio, mostly because of the breakdancing. 

I took my mom, aunt, the three kids and friends for both Kyla and Piper to the matinee performance today. (My dad and husband politely declined their tickets.)  The first half was fine, certainly different levels of abilities with lots of great costuming.  But the second act, with all Russian, Chinese, Arabian, etc., dances, was phenomenal.  The director used loose interpretations of the selections, and the Russian dance became an amazing break/street dance of a puppeteer and his “puppet” (a younger, fellow dancer).  The Chinese dance was both ballet and acrobatics, which was so entertaining.  I’ve never seen the Arabian dance done so perfectly.  The Nutcracker Prince had been dancing since he was two, and was easily one of the most graceful and fluid dancers on stage that day.  He also sported a Mohawk (mostly pinned down to uphold his deal with the director), so I am a fan.  I’d see this again.  

Christmas early 094

This is the best one can get with a lousy camera and 5 children!


Christmas early 087

Christmas early 082


For the second act, I found 4 seats in the very front for the girls, so they would be able to see better.  They got to show me how they could act like young ladies, and they were perfect!

Christmas early 095


And then the girls got pictures with my two favorite dancers, the Prince and the Arabian.

Christmas early 097

Christmas early 099

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