Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve—Too Much Fun! (Or Alcohol, or Cookies, or Ice Cream with Chocolate Heartache)


I love Christmas Eve services with family, and it doesn’t hurt to serve us cocoa and cookies.  The kids didn’t mind, and I didn’t even want to count how many treats Piper began the evening with. 

Julie and Keith hosted with pizza and…alcohol.  (J&K are certainly still Christians but not Lutherans.)  Let me just say this about Julie:  she’s sneaky.  Sneaky, like “Here’s some (4 different bottles) stuff to put in your innocent hot cider that makes it taste really good.  Here’s some sangria I made [everyone knows how sneaky sangrias are for getting one to imbibe without really noticing].  Here’s a great bottle of red wine to go with the pizza.”  See what I mean?  Some would call her an excellent hostess.  I say she just excels at getting me tipsy on Christmas Eve.

The kids had a few gifts to open before I stopped taking pictures and started focusing on hot cider.  Cecily was thrilled about her new backpack.  Well, maybe not thrilled.  She finally just caught up to what Parker had that she coveted.  That’s a score for little sister.



Piper loves her gifts.



Grandma and Grandpa fully fed his superhero complex—Spiderman pj’s, underwear, action figure…


..is that a little Clark Kent trying to get out?



And my beautiful Kyla…



And I don’t want to even think about all the desserts Julie served.  Piper and I were trying to out-gorge the other when we realized it was 10pm and we hadn’t heard the boys for a while.  Unfortunately, Wes and Parker weren’t sleeping but dumping out every board game they could find downstairs.  We left.

Santa was on his way!  (Stay tuned to see how much coal Wesley got this year.  It should be enough to heat our house the rest of winter.)

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