Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Last Few 2013 Photos

My real camera is currently in hiding, so I take out one of those devices that supposedly does everything, but nothing that well. 

My son and I at The Nutcracker.



The first annual Wild Lights at the zoo last year was fantastic.  This year was better.

An indoor snowball fight at Wild Lights.



Making and wrestling snowmen, also in the “Snow-mazeum”


Wesley and Tyler are doing everything but making snowmen out of the snowman pieces.



Kyla took front row for the carolers.



Piper and I take selfies.


And we enjoy a carousel ride with friends.




And then I finished the year by taking the kids ice skating for the first time.  I think I’ve demonstrated that none of my kids are perfect, but they can keep their balance and pick up new things like skating pretty quickly.  I had to drag Piper off the ice an hour later!




And then to brag about marrying Dwayne.  Our New Year’s Eve tradition is that he cooks us whatever we want for dinner. (I know!  And it was his idea years ago!)  Kyla wanted shrimp and apple slices.  Wesley ordered tacos.  Piper wanted steak and tacos.  I asked for his famous bruschetta and chicken marsala.  It was marvelous.  Love you, Babe!

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