Thursday, September 1, 2016

Reasons We Love Kyla

1) She is delightful child who is “uncommonly bright” (direct quotation from the May assessment)

2) Kyla loves to learn, and has so many interests. This makes her an interesting conversationalist, like her father.

3) She works hard, whether or not she enjoys what she’s doing, which shows remarkable maturity!

4) Kyla is sweet-natured, thoughtful of others and self-aware.

5) She is so well read, across of variety of genres!

6) Mama tries to emulate Kyla in her ability to keep just the things she loves and not be controlled by her “stuff”.

7) Kyla is beautiful. She has clear blue eyes, a genuine smile, and a lovely profile.

8) She is observant beyond her years.

9) She is so expressive in her communication.

10) Kyla jumps in to help without thought of her own reward.

11) Kyla takes excellent care of her siblings while developing independence.

12) She used her creativity and ingenuity to blend artistry and engineering together, designing and sewing a skirt for Amber.

13) We often take her independence for granted but we’ve really come to rely on her being self-sufficient—a true young adult!

14) Kyla is very polite and loving. (from Piper)

15) Good sleeping partner! (from Wesley)

16) Kyla has excellent sportsmanship. (Piper)

17) Kyla is crafty and is adultish. (Piper)

18) Kyla jumps with me on the trampoline. (Cecily)

19) She is a good playmate. (Piper)

20) Kyla is HELPFUL! (Piper)

21) She is a person who tries new things, like food and audiobooks. (Piper)

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