Sunday, September 4, 2016

One More Birthday Party

9-4 Birthday party 2

With Kyla’s and Dwayne’s birthday 7 days apart, it’s irresistible to not combine the family birthday parties. 

9-4 Birthday party 1

Luckily, I have ways of saying “I love you” that don’t include homemade birthday cakes, especially when Cold Stone makes such great cookies-and-cream frozen masterpiece.

We began with sipping cocktails while admiring the trellis Dwayne had constructed that weekend (more later), and had dinner on the  sunny front deck, with cake and presents. 

9-4 Birthday party 5

The Wesley-Parker entity read Piggie and Elephant books together.

9-4 Birthday party 4

Happy birthday, Beloveds!

9-4 Birthday party 7

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