Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The First Day of School

Wesley starts first grade.

9-6 First Day of 1st grade

Piper, 3rd.

9-6 First Day of 3rd grade.jpg

4th Graders don’t need their moms taking pictures of them.   Perhaps, especially, when said mother is doing something like this:


Did I mention that for the first time in ten years, all kids are in school full time this year?!?!?

My first day of school:

1) Take kids to school and click my heels in celebration several times. 

2) Help host the First Day of School Welcome and Coffee.

3) Help a group of PTA-ers put together Back to School packets.

4) Have lunch out with a group of friends at a local Japanese steak house, including a celebratory cocktail.

5) Return to PTA work.

6) Pick kids up from school.

And it was lovely, lovely.

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