Saturday, September 17, 2016

Stinky, Muddy Quicksand: Either awesome or awful

We finally got a weekend at the cabin and took along Parker and Cecily—my niece and nephew make great accessories at the cabin.


In between showers, we adventured down to “our” beach.  I’ve never seen the tide out so far!  Left behind was sand so goopy that only lightweight kids could partially walk on it without sinking to their knees.


Cecily and Parker were not impressed…and were the only kids who didn’t have to be hosed down later.

9-17 Cabin 49-17 Cabin 5

The others played and shlopped for hours.

9-17 Cabin 7

I had to zoom in, as I am too big to take on that goop and win!

9-17 Cabin 7

That’s Wesley, Piper, and a neighbor friend—somewhat a female equivalent of Wesley, but better adjusted.

And here’s the rest of my heart…

9-17 Cabin 2

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