Thursday, September 1, 2016

How to Celebrate Birthday #10

9-1 Kyla's 10th 10It was pretty easy to figure out how to spend Kyla’s birthday.  Everyone agreed to head down to Pacific Science Center on one of our last days of summer vacation.  The kids were completely delighted by their first monorail experience….once we scrounged up enough change in the car to pay for it.  

9-1 Kyla's 10th 1

With the Brain Store at the other end of the ride, we spent a delightful hour, and surprisingly, not a single dime.

We did very little inside the PSC this time, as the outside beckoned.  I like this sequence of teamwork:

9-1 Kyla's 10th 2

9-1 Kyla's 10th 3

9-1 Kyla's 10th 5

9-1 Kyla's 10th 7

Happy Birthday, Kyla!

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