Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Kyla’s Birthday Party…the 1st

In written form, it seems that Kyla’s birthday went on forever.  But in real time, it felt very sweet.


A few days before her birthday, Kyla invited 3 other girls to tea at an adorable, local tea shop.  The girls came to our house, I drove us all over, sat the girls together at a reserved table, and then went to the opposite end to quietly enjoy my newspaper, tea (in a cozy!), and scone.  The girls all ordered a proper tea, liked most of it, and had a chance to behave like the young ladies they are. 


I paid the bill and got to wholly enjoy the experience.  I just had to find a time that worked for 3 girls, call the tea room ahead of time, and remember to bring something to read.  I hope to duplicate this in the future (I prefer pragmatism over creativity when it comes to birthdays!). 

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