Saturday, August 6, 2016

Oregon Coast or Bust!


Our annual week with the cousins was planned Pacific City this year.  Our determination to take two days to drive 6 hours landed us in Cannon Beach on Saturday night.  Yep, on design, we landed in the most popular Oregon Coast city at 8pm on a summer Saturday with no reservations.  You can tell where our children get their intelligence.

We sat in the car and used our GPS and phones to find and call all local lodging options.  Finally, Dwayne called a hotel that had one last room left.  Matching our intelligence, they were going to discount it deeply, but it was still more than we had planned on spending.  However, it was the last room in town, it was a sweet suite, with a separate king room for the kids, and they had a pool open until 10pm. 

We took it.

And can I tell you about the genius behind Hallmark Hotel?  Each kid gets their own plastic bucket and shovel set AND a beach ball.  The three kids probably cost them about $3, and it was like getting a priceless gift.  In spite of waking up to rain the next morning, we knew the beach was meant to be for us, now that we had our sand pails. 

The donuts from the local bakery didn’t hurt either. 

Pacific City, ho!

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