Sunday, August 14, 2016

Happy Birthday, Amber!

Admittedly, I have strong competition, but I am working hard to win the title of Amber’s Favorite Aunt.  I don’t have a strategy yet, but I will start by showing off pictures of this beautiful girl’s 1st birthday.

I love this shot of Grandma, me, my girls, and the birthday girl. 


To balance out all the girls, let’s take a look at my favorite boys.


Wesley has the biggest snaggletooth (I yanked out both teeth not long after this).


Here’s the birthday girl.  It turns out that if you really want to show love, you buy them a carrot cake from a particular Oregon bakery.  It was sooooo yummy!


Here’s some of my competition.  Even her name, Joy, gives her a leg up.  Short, cute, easy to say, invokes deep happiness.  I’m aunt “feminized, bastardized version of drunken god Dionysius”.  I need a good nickname, STAT!  And sadly, Joy is as wonderful as her name implies.


Here’s the rest of my competition.  Again, the very name “Aunt Julie” sounds like gems. And, clearly, she gets all the style points.


Here’s my claim to fame—I’m the first person to dunk Amber in her wading pool—fully clothed, of course.  I’m good for adventures that you will come back either filthy, soaked, or both.


So many pictures I want to frame—love this one of Grandpa and Kyla!


The kids were well entertained with Amber’s new pool!



Sandi and Brian threw a great party, and it was wonderful to have the family all together!


And if you’d like to read a more Amber-centric account of her birthday (I do realize I made her party all about me), you should check this out.


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