Thursday, August 25, 2016

Annual Pt Defiance Day

The reason I like Pt. Defiance Zoo so much is that it is the one summer day I take the kids and meet up with one of my favorite friends.  I can’t prove that she and her niece where there, as I seem to only have camera eyes for my own children, but I promise Kristin was there!

Here’s my new marching song.  Thanks, ants!

There was lots of playing and very little animal watching, per usual with my kids.WP_20160825_11_05_37_ProWP_20160825_11_24_05_Pro

Long after my kids outgrow it, I will insist we see the noon showing at the Animal Amphitheater.  There’s a good chance I won’t outgrow the animal show ever.



Kristin had to leave for naptime, claiming it was for her niece, but I have my suspicions of who really needed the nap.


I showed my ducklings the beach down at Point Defiance, where they happily played among the rocks, seaweed, and, ahem, crisp sea water before we went to hunt down dinner on the Tacoma waterfront.  Not only was there dinner and gelato, but we also found the new splash park and playground.  We could have used another day down in T-Town, but those summer days stretch long and then snap shut quickly.


We’ll be back next summer, Kristin!

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