Saturday, August 20, 2016

Hometown Festival!

I love our hometown.  Our parade used to be the Saturday closest to April 1st, but two years ago, it was moved to August.  Any local knows why this is generally a good idea.  This year, though, proved to be one of our hotter days. 

The heat didn’t stop us from eating our weight in pancakes and sausage at the fire house though!  It’s a great start to our day, though my favorite is running into 4 families I know as soon as we walk in.

Behind the station, there were sheriff and police vehicles for kids to climb in and out of, including this helicopter.


It was so cool to watch it take off, dust and debris notwithstanding.


Like the Maxwelton 4th of July parade, it’s very local, again, with lots of people I know from the community.


Piper beat the heat by camping out under her own tent.


Kyla burned out, so she and Dwayne walked home, and I stayed for the festival with the other two.  They made crafts, jumped in bouncy houses, befriended ponies and generally lived it up. 



I love our home town!

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