Saturday, July 19, 2014

SunRiver, OR

Phew!  Last summer’s trip to Sunriver, renting a house with family for a week, went so well, we did it again.  There were 15 of us this year, but I think we really did it so Parker and Wesley could have an excuse to play uninterrupted for a week.

I forgot to bring my camera almost everywhere we went (and this time, we did the Lava Tube Tunnel, all three of mine walking the 2.5 miles round trip to the end of the 42 degree tunnel—it was awesome!)  I snapped the kids playing in the hot tub, which Keith adjusted as low as he could, to make an impromptu and convenient swimming pool for the kids.  Even (especially?) Cecily enjoyed it!






















We made it to the High Desert Museum, which my kids love.  There is a “Living Museum” of a 1904 settlement which is a lot of fun.  The first day we were there, the traveling doctor and school teacher were visiting.  The doctor had a cocaine tonic for us women who need a little more pick-me-up, not having the energetic constitution of a man.  Kyla and the teacher were delighted with each other, and Kyla eventually walked away with a lesson in old-fashioned cursive and ink pens.  Of course, there were still chores to do.

  DSCN0208 DSCN0203

I helped the hired man myself.




We rode bikes…and occasionally fell asleep in them.DSCN0187 IMG_1237


That’s Wes curled up in that ball there, sound asleep.









And Piper has the annoying knack of taking my clothes and looking way too adorable in them.  That’s my T-shirt and hat!



Another family vacation where we’re still all speaking at the end of it—Success!!

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