Saturday, July 26, 2014

Day 3: Morning in Passau

We began our morning in true cruise style—a towel doggy trying to take my hat and sunglasses!



Hey, Babe, let’s go explore Passau!


When the guides get a little dull or the tour a bit slow, I try to run around indiscreetly (though I’m a little less noticeable than an excited Saint Bernard) and take pictures of what catches my eye.  Hence the garden…and the dog.


Hey, Pipes, this golden dog is for you!  I believe it is a cute thing that doesn’t poop, so we can get one.



St. Stephen’s Cathedral claims the highest peaks on this side of the river, of course, and is famous for the largest pipe organ in the world (or in a church in the world, or something). 



It is simultaneously awe-inspiring and sleep-inducing to listen to the 40 minute organ concert.



There are so many details in a baroque church that almost nothing seems impressive anymore.


Some of the cherubs freaked me out a bit.  Looking “cherubic” may not be the compliment I thought it was.




DSCN0486I will say the gold pulpit stood out a bit. I think Jesus is somewhere near the top because I see a cross somewhere below and to the right of Mary.









I’ve never seen a sundial I didn’t like, but this is my favorite!  So clever to only include 8am to 5pm—it’s significant that a clock dependant upon the sun doesn’t need all 24 hours.  This one was exactly one hour off. I guess you can’t adjust walls for daylight savings.


I wanted to do what this little girl is doing.  I applaud her mother!



I adore these narrow streets, mostly because the minivan is parked safely at home and I don’t need to drive around here.


The church is a popular one to be married in, though one can only legally get married at the courthouse.  Then I guess you can do one for show in a house of God.  Look at this beautiful bride we caught on our way around town!

  DSCN0513 DSCN0515

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