Saturday, July 26, 2014

Gargoyles, for the kids

DSCN0408 Hi, Kids! Remember when we listened to Patricia Wrede’s Searching for Dragons, and the prince had a bad-tempered gargoyle in his study?  You asked what a gargoyle was (and you should remember that one actually doesn’t find them indoors), and I did my best to explain in words.  But here are some examples from a cathedral.  Here’s one that must have recently been completed but not installed yet.



Here’s what the look like in position.  They stick out from the roof line, and usually when it rains, their mouths spout out the rain water, like gutter spouts. 



Often, I think of gargoyles as grotesque monsters, but these were just mean-faced farm animals. Does the one above look like a jumping cow to you?

This one is probably a wolf, but the demon-child is what gives me the shivers. 



I’ll keep my camera-eye out for more gargoyles for you!



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