Saturday, July 26, 2014

Day 3: Afternoon at Oberhaus (Over-house)


When looking up from Passau, we could easily see Oberhaus, and with a free afternoon and the company of a friend we met before even getting on the boat, our wanderlust led us over the bridge and up. And up. (Viking, the patron cruise line of older people, highly recommended taking the shuttle up and walking down.  We rebelled.)

And then up on Oberhaus, we had a great view of Passau.


Catherine was a ton of fun, in great shape, and fortunately, sweated as much as Dwayne and I huffing up this hill.


And immediately celebrated with very local lunch.  I think we can call mine sauerkraut with sausage (not the other way ‘round).


But Dwayne’s was so beyond our palate that we don’t recall it’s name.  He said it tasted like cold beef stew in gelatin, cut into meatloaf slices.  And beer.  Dwayne might become a beer drinker yet!


I’m not likely to.  I got the most palatable beer I could (pale ale mixed with lemonade) and here’s the unattractive result.DSCN0530


The rhubarb spritzer was much better.


Wesley, check out this really old carousal!  It is about 190 years old.


It simply went around and ‘round without the up and down.



This old castle is now a bunch of smaller museums, all under the same admission.



The featured exhibit was primarily about the ages of knights and castle life.  It would be hard to find anyone in a first world country today who doesn’t live better than a king back then.

Here I model medieval ladies’ shoes.



Switching gender roles, I try to accessorize in knight wear.  Kyla, the chainmail shirt hanging on the wall weighs more than you do. 


Peek-a-boo, Piper!IMG_0791

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