Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Day 6: Budapest is Going to be Expensive

Dwayne filmed over a minute today of porn.  You might think we were at nude beaches, or at the very least, a very interesting public bath.  Instead, we were actually at Fisherman’s Bastion.  And it was buildings. 



And if you don’t think Dwayne rubbed his goat and said, “I can build that”, well, you haven’t met my husband.



This is the building that will come to the estate next, if Dwayne can convince his wife, his steward, his yard service, and financial advisor (in other words, me) of the wisdom of this:






Budapest already has these amazing lions, so we felt right at home.


Here’s a few more long-term trip expenses in Budapest.  I’m guessing Dwayne’s statue choice may be more…feminine.


Arches and stairs?!? 



Considering how well this is camouflaged against the rock, it really caught my eye!


And an ancient wall (Roman?) in the middle all the other greatness?  Cherries on top, people.  Perhaps Dwayne will be inspired to build his time machine just so he can go back 2000 years, build this first wall, travel back and build new walls around these ruins.



The true landmark of Budapest is the Parliament Building. Tour guides only use superlatives to describe it, but “currently unavailable for tour” should also be included. The cruise timed itself so that we’d float into Budapest in the morning hours so that the city could unfold before our eyes, culminating in it’s most famous structure.




But nothing is as spectacular as Budapest at night.  In fact, Viking River Cruise’s money shot shows Parliament in all it’s electric glory.  Here’s my shots from the top deck, just hours before we packed and left at, and I quote, “stupid o’clock”.



So long, Hungary! 

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