Monday, December 31, 2018

Three & Me!

Dwayne came up with “Three & Me” to claim his time away with the kids—a clever and distinguishing phrase from my “Me & 3” adventures.

It wasn’t meant to be a Christmas present, but I hope we make this a tradition at the end of every year from now on!  He took the kids away Saturday afternoon, and they came back Monday afternoon, leaving me alone with the house. And oddly, it was perfect for all 5 of us!

Dwayne found a hotel room with enough beds—and a pool!—down in DuPont.

12-30 Three and Me (Dwayne) away

We don’t spend much time hoteling as a family, but besides a pool and 3 separate beds, we learned the value of a complimentary breakfast.  It’s a good start to a day for a parent who doesn’t have to quickly get creative first thing in the morning!

12-30 Three and Me (Dwayne) away 1

I love that Dwayne broke the time away into 3 adventures and 4 restaurant choices, so each  kid got to pick one of each.

Kyla chose the Pt. Defiance Zoo.  I admit, I was a smidgeon jealous I didn’t get to see the new aquarium!

12-30 Three and Me (Dwayne) away 512-30 Three and Me (Dwayne) away 312-30 Three and Me (Dwayne) away 2

12-30 Three and Me (Dwayne) away 612-30 Three and Me (Dwayne) away 4

Wes chose seeing the new Spiderman at the cinema after a Pizza hut lunch.

   12-30 Three and Me (Dwayne) away 7

Kyla was excited by her Red Lobster (and crab legs) choice.

12-30 Three and Me (Dwayne) away 812-30 Three and Me (Dwayne) away 9

Piper picked Chuck E. Cheeses, which Dwayne reported not being nearly as awful as he expected.  He got them each card to play for exactly 1 hour.  Kyla, my darling minimalist, didn’t want any of the cheap junk or candy kids can purchase with their tickets, so she gave all hers to her siblings.  Who bought cheap crap and candy.12-30 Three and Me (Dwayne) away 1012-30 Three and Me (Dwayne) away 11 12-30 Three and Me (Dwayne) away 1212-30 Three and Me (Dwayne) away 13

I was running errands when they came home from Chuck’s and then McDonalds (Piper’s choice), but it was a happy reunion!  But, please, please, go away in another 363 days!

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