Sunday, December 30, 2018

End of Year Random Catch-All

Apropos to nothing….

12-23 Clementines

I love the look (and taste!) of Christmas tangerines.

Book of Conventions

I took time last summer to go through all my old teacher boxes.  I cleared out this folder, but I’m fond of the cover.  Winking smile

Breast Feeding cover up

There was a great story this year about a breast-feeding mom who was told to cover up.  So she did.  Well played, Mama!


Picture I took before I lost 12 pounds earlier this fall. The chocolate baby was overflowing the jeans a little too much.

Vivians book 

I wish I could claim this story, but all credit to Island Em.  For the first time, her two girls were off to a week-long summer camp, and Em dared to tackle V’s room.  She found this manual written by V, entitled “How to Clean your House”.

Here’s the kicker.  When she opened it:

Vivians book 2

Yeah, that would be blank.

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