Friday, January 16, 2015

Party #1

After Pre-K today, Wesley had a party with the school friends who could make it.  We had hairy dogs (hot dogs impaled with spaghetti noodles) and cake. 



WP_20150116_13_02_22_Pro I begged people “no gifts, please!”  The problem with a birthday less than a month after a [very generous Christmas haul] is that he—and I—just didn’t need 10 more toys.  I encouraged guests to draw a picture and maybe attach $1, which, when you’re 4 is as exciting as opening a toy.  At the end of the party, he had enough money to buy a Batman figure that he wanted with a little change to spare.  Success. 




After we cut the cake, I sent them all outside with their slice and a napkin.  It didn’t take long for them to all find their way down to the playset, cake often left half-eaten.



After Piper’s party last year where, after hosting two V-Day class parties in the morning and then inviting the entire Kindergarten class (and younger siblings) to come over for lunch and cake—this was, well, a piece of yummy chocolate cake!

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