Sunday, January 18, 2015

Slide Show


Back in January, on Wesley’s birthday in fact, we were at the cabin to celebrate.  We brought Parker and Cecily (ages almost 4.5 and 2.5, respectively) along since the cousins love spending time together.  We spent hours at Castle Park on a fairly mild winter day, doing our best to wear the kids out. 

Wesley and Parker amused me by putting a slide show.  It took me an embarrassingly long time to stop thinking PowerPoint and start thinking PlayGround.  Here are some of their favorite slides:

WP_20150118_12_36_12_Pro WP_20150118_12_36_18_Pro WP_20150118_12_35_18_Pro

One of their favorite slides is the Skate Park.  The concrete is smooth, but still concrete.  Here’s a shot of Piper’s favorite pants after a rousing game of “Tiger Escape” on the skate ramps:


Well, we bought them used and Kyla had already gotten full wear out of them long before Piper got them to this state.

Cecily is no longer “Baby Cecily” as she keeps up well with all the shenanigans the other kids get into.  She still needs help from Uncle Dwayne to escape the tiger cage.


Look, Piper is letting Kyla hold her hand!  I consider Piper physically affectionate, but that’s mostly towards me. Usually, she is just physical. 


Parker and Cecily fell asleep in Dwayne’s car before he even got to the ferry, slept through the transfer to Julie, the transfer to bed, and slept until morning. You’re welcome, Keith and Julie!

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