Sunday, January 18, 2015

Birthday Suit

Wesley woke up as a 5 year old today and not quite immediately, asked for his presents.  From us, he got a Wolverine costume with the razor hands (he seemed a little disappointed that they were plastic, dull, and non-retractable—sorry, kid, you’re not really Wolverine).  He ran around wearing his new costume until it was time to go to church.  I asked where Wesley had gone and Piper said he went upstairs to put on his birthday suit.  Boy, did I wait in anticipation for this one!


DSCN2100Luckily, it turned out it meant putting on his usual shorts and T-shirt, but adding the new birthday sweater (and matching hat!) from Grandma.









All that nice stuff doesn’t slow this guy down.


Thanks, Gramma, for the nice sweater and good laugh!

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