Thursday, January 15, 2015

That’s My Girl!

Something’s been really weird with Piper since Christmas break.  WP_20150111_15_52_27_ProShe started actively seeking out her siblings to play, allowing them to hug her, and even sleeping with them (Kyla and Wesley always seem to end up together by morning, but now that bed is getting pretty crowded).  She’s been pretty nice to people and actually cried when she thought Wesley liked Kyla better.  This was not the girl I wrote about in our Christmas letter.

But yesterday it got a little better.  She came home from school and mumbled something about missing recess.  She wanted to tell me about it, but didn’t really want to have to explain anything.  I finally got out that she wasn’t being particularly cooperative during math and spent some quiet time in the office writing up a plan how she could do it better next time.  Her teacher is definitely wise enough to not engage her in a power struggle or this could have ended far worse. 

Me? As I told Dwayne, for the girl who spent part of her first day of  kindergarten sitting in the office, I was thrilled that she made it almost half way through first grade year before a repeat! 

Five years ago, I would have been mortified that a child of mine would need such a correction, but now I have to wait until Dwayne and I are alone before I let myself laugh.  There’s really nothing like actually having children to give up on any parenting standards.


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