Monday, August 19, 2013

Point Defiance Zoo

Do you know how, in May, summer stretches out ahead of you as you make plans—supposedly just little dots on a large, blank canvas of free time?  And suddenly school is about to start and you’ve made just a dent in your Top Ten summer plans? 

Kristin and I have been waiting for summer so we could spend more time together—I’d bring the kids down and we could stay a few nights and do this and that….  Finally, last night, the kids and I drove south, so we could spend the night and go to Point Defiance Zoo the next day.  IMG_3918

And what a day!  Through impeccable timing (never underestimate dumb luck), we got to the exhibits just at feeding times or during training or lectures. 

And Point Defiance has one of the best animal-shows I’ve ever seen.  IMG_3925Evil Dr. Dolittle had a special ray gun to make people want to go indoors and she spoke in rhyming couplets.  There were caped superheros (both the human and canine variety) and lots of animal antics.  I enjoyed it more than the kids (to be fair, I wasn’t scared of the ray gun and smoke machine).


It’s a small enough zoo that we saw everything, even though Wes was beyond wiped before we were done.



Why, yes, that is a beaver strolling through the zoo.



Hey, kids, did you have a good time?  Oh, watch out for that shar….. oh, never mind.


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Deanna said...

The shark teeth is JT's favorite photo spot. I wonder why? ;)