Sunday, August 25, 2013

Church Camping

The first thing that must be noted, is that although the car is packed with all sorts of camping….crap…., Piper carefully cradled the brand-new bag of marshmallows in her lap the entire distance to Camp Casey on Whidbey Island (yep, just 30 minutes from the cabin—talk about temptation!).   Wesley still likes to hold hands all the time in the car and Kyla still, usually, obliges.



Why I Went Camping:

1) We bought a ridiculously big tent (it actually has four rooms) and I feel we should use it once a year.

2)  Some of the people I love most in the world—and their children (who I also love very much)—were going.

3) It was at a great place that had a private campground for just our church group which meant….free-range kids!!

4) Some of the meals were being provided.

5) Again, because it was greatest factor, our tribe was there.


And, gangbusters, the kids loved it.  Which kids?  I’m not sure. There was just this blur of kids running through the forest together.  Some I had given birth to, some just birthday gifts. 

Walks along the beach….  




and the old fort….



and forts on the beach!




There were the Family Olympics, which featured…balloons!



Talent (and “Talent”) show



And the most marvelous sunset.



See, with a little time and editing, one can forget the babies screaming at night, the gangs who ran around—yelling—before 7am, and the 90 minute ferry wait.  We’ll do it again next year!

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