Saturday, August 10, 2013

How to Make the Most of a Saturday

& P are turning the big “1” and “3”  this month, so we got to go to the big Cousin Birthday Bash for a Bountiful Brunch and Cake. (Julie’s blog covers this very well.)

Wesley looked the prettiest. Isn’t that the greatest sandbox?  The benches fold down to make  cover.  Keith built it himself!



There’s always lots of fun to have at the cousins’ house!



Seriously—how many kids can bring together a mohawk, lilac dress, painted nails, and dinosaur underwear thjs well?!



One should always attend any party Julie is hosting.  Her goodies are amazing!  Look how pretty the birthday cupcakes are. (As are her kids.)



If you give a kid a cupcake…



…you’ll want to pull out the camera!



Happy Birthday, P & C!

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