Monday, August 5, 2013

How the Cats Play When the Mice are at Grandma’s

What we do when we have four days without kids:

*Walk all around River Front park


and finished up by getting Dwayne queasy on my favorite midway rides.



*Walk miles around Manito Park, going through the Rose, Lilac, Japanese, Perennials gardens as well as the conservatory.



But our favorite was the formal Duncan Garden—if God couldn’t make Dwayne a pharaoh, he really should have at least made him an earl.  We lusted.  Why do we even have a yard if it doesn’t look like this?




Hey, look, a pergola!  (We likey.)



*Drive around trying to find the building that has the gorgeous bell tower.  Turns out—it’s the county court house!



*Stop by one of the ten golf courses to whack balls (that is a generous term for how I hit golf balls) on the driving range. 



*Go to art galleries and fairs in Coeur d’Alene.

davenport 10


And, my favorite, eating wild salmon and rice pilaf covered in champagne huckleberry sauce.  And watching lots of episodes of  Life on Netflix while snacking on milk and cookies from room service. 

It is so good to be loved by Dwayne!

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