Monday, August 5, 2013

Happy Anniversary to ME!, or I am Spoiled


(Yes, Dwayne does spoil me, but to balance it out, I was pressure washing the front deck in the rain at 9pm—after the kids were in bed and I had a craigslist buyer come by.) 

davenport 4

Dwayne wanted a destination location for a romantic weekend away, and he found a little hotel called the Davenport.  He didn’t tell me where we were going before we headed to the airport or even once we were in Spokane.  Turns out the Davenport is a 4 Diamond hotel in the heart of downtown with more history than ballrooms (which is to say, a lot). 

davenport 2

davenport 8The Davenport Hotel is a regional landmark and masterpiece of the acclaimed architect Kirtland Cutter. Its public spaces inspire visitors. Grand rooms like the Spanish Renaissance lobby or the Hall of Doges, Spokane's oldest and most exquisite ballroom, draw tourists and architectural aficionados alike. Such extraordinary features have helped the Davenport Hotel earn a prized spot on the National Register of Historic Places.

During the hotel's renovation in 2000, owners Walt and davenport 1Karen Worthy spared no expense in having the hand-painted frescoes, ornate woodwork, and European-inspired marble meticulously restored. Yes, that is real gold leaf around the lobby hearth, and the fireplace remains lit year-round — a hallmark of Davenport hospitality since the hotel opened its doors almost a century ago.

We danced (to our own music with no audience) in the empty ballrooms. 

davenport 12


The hotel was wonderful, blah, blah, but what we really love is all the history and restoration.  The fact that this hotel was almost demolished in 1985 is cool, but that it cost twice as much and took twice as long to restore it as it did to originally build it really turned us on.  That’s probably why we married.  We just want to build bigger and better, and appreciate when other people do. 



The Hall of Diogenes was moved by crane from it’s old location (totally torn down) into a prime position near another ballroom.  We likey.



I didn’t remember to take pictures of our room because there were so many other things to enjoy.  So many highlights, the best was the Champagne Brunch on Sunday morning.  I had extremely high expectations of this, and they were surpassed.  The chocolate fountain is still making me drool. 

davenport 13

Maybe we will return to celebrate our 50th!

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