Monday, June 24, 2013

Zoo Recycling: Personal Public Service Message


Hi, Moms,

You know some of those handy kid snacks that are so convenient, healthy-ish, and completely disposable?  I’ve stopped getting them in my attempt to go Zero Waste (impossible right now, but I like being very conscious of what I put in landfill).  BUT, we discovered that Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle has a program to recycle Go-Go’s (the applesauce squeeze tubes), Capri-Suns, plastic lids (the ones too small for household recycle like milk jug lids), corks, and batteries.  Oh, and those plastic rings that hold 6-packs together.  When you turn them into the Zoomazium or the special cart by the new Asian otter exhibit for points.  Then, kids can spend their points on—get this—really cool shells and real fossils!   Seriously, can life get better for K & P?? 


Kids can also get points for stopping by the Zoomazium and picking up activities to do at the zoo that day, like observing the different babies behaviors, or Behavior Bingo, etc.  Anyway, we have more reason than usual for going to the zoo. 

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