Sunday, June 23, 2013

Big Red


We’ll have to come up with a name for this beast, since we bought the naming rights from our neighbor who has been the reluctant owner of this ‘73 Dodge for a few years.  We’ve borrowed it more than we should have, and it finally kicked the bucket while Dwayne was coming home with a load of lumber.   After spending $700 to fix it—fuel filter, ignition coil, master cylinder, and brakes (because if it was eventually going to start, we needed it to stop)—we figured we needed to buy it so it wouldn’t be sold to someone else. 



So the good news is that you now know someone who owns a truck and a cabin.  We need to know someone with a boat and a hot tub.

Speaking of the cabin, I’ve finished (read: I’ve done all I’m going to until next winter) a website for the cabin.

What I like best is that it has a calendar of times already reserved so you can see when it may be available.  The times we are going are not usually marked.  

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