Thursday, January 10, 2013

Nope, Nothing Happening Here, Mom!

This time, I feel like the guilty child.  My mom and I share a carpet shampooer, which means she bought it and I keep it at my house.  It’s a touch temperamental and when I started it up today, the suction worked but it wasn’t spraying any solution.  So I got out my tool bucket and started taking things apart.  (This is when Piper and Wesley discovered area carpet burrowing, possibly the next great Olympic event.)


To give myself credit, although I did take out every screw and and strewed pieces all over the bedroom, I did get it all back together again without any leftover pieces…



…and it worked properly to shampoo Piper’s entire room before I had to go pick up Kyla.  Score one for this mom!  121

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