Sunday, January 27, 2013

January at the Cabin

My parents took their first visit the the cabin today! I was excited to show them my little paradise and the weather was clear (enough) for a muddy, sloppy walk down the beach. I always love getting tender Grandpa-child shots. 007


Grandpa took pictures—a few where the kids were not too blurry.

cabin beach 2 

The winter tides have changed the beach pretty significantly since summer.  We have more logs to jump from!

cabin beach 3


*   *   *   *   *   *

For those who know the cabin well enough, you will be pleased to know that Jim fixed the downstairs bathroom door so now when you open it, you can immediately find the light switch.  It took him an hour and a half.  That cabin has been standing with that door hanging backward since 1980.   The other thing that has been accumulating for 32 years is the dust on the upstairs blinds.  Two were particularly bad.  One, I broke right away as I took it down to clean it (BTW, the broken roller shade that replaced the broken blinds has now been replaced by not-yet-broken curtains); the other, I finally took down this weekend and scrubbed it for over an hour in the bathtub.  It was like the outside of my car—if you touched it, your fingers would get filthy, but dirt never seemed to decrease on the original surface.   Just need one custom-built shoe bench and then….I’ll have to make a new to-do list.  It’s a disease.

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