Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cabin. Now more useful than ever.

We made a quick trip over just for one night to bring over a mattress and set up the “new” bed.  Here is what is known officially as “Jim’s Room”:



And our bed—so, so dated, and yet so darn useful!  It has the usual captain’s design of drawers underneath (and we can put off finding dressers for a while longer) but also a built-in headboard bookshelf and nightstand with drawers.  Finally a place to put a lamp, book and glasses on both sides!


This picture doesn’t do the it’s-not-antique-just-old style justice, but practicality can win me over, especially when I’m reading in bed at midnight.

(Hey, if anyone runs across any not-too-ugly lampshades at a garage sale or thrift store, can you give me a call?)

And now that we have room for another family to stay with us at the cabin, let me make perfectly clear the Absolutely No Sex rule currently established for when we are the other couple sleeping upstairs.  Here is what “separates” the two bedrooms:

12-7 remodel 2

That would be gaps.  Lots of gaps between the curved logs and straight drywall.  I am not that good of friends with anyone…. 

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