Monday, November 2, 2015

Seriously? When Homeschooling Drives Me Mad.

Kyla is a sensitive, empathetic child.  Squared.  In a household that doesn’t really value feelings.

Today, as part of her review of multiplication facts (and let the record state that she loathes her 4s), we looked at how:

even * even = even

even * odd = even

odd * odd = odd

One can do the math and see that 75% of products are even numbers.  Kyla, seriously, choked up with tears threatening to spill, her voice quivering, “But that’s not fair!  There should be an equal number of odds and evens.”  (And there is, if one looks at all numbers, but not multiplication products.) “Why don’t odd numbers get to have the same as evens?  I feel bad for the odd numbers.”

Again, seriously?!?!

I’m going to try to toughen her up a bit by showing her there are more red apples than yellow ones, more orange carrots than yellow, and more gray hair than not…in Dwayne’s goatee. 

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